Monday, May 21, 2012

Kitchen Sink Organization

Kitchen Sink Organization
Ever feel like your kitchen is a hopeless pit of disorganization?  I do, on a daily basis.  One of the most frustrating areas of my kitchen is the sink.  I always have too many things laying around, there is dish soap, hand soap, scrub brushes, dish towels, and sometimes a vegetable brush.  It's really too much stuff to have sitting on the counter.  On top of all the stuff, there is that soapy mess that develops on the edge of the sink from the liquid dish soap.  Today I organized all that stuff, but you know me, it had to be C-U-T-E and dress up my kitchen just a little. 

I started this project with a trip to Hobby Lobby (really I mention them so much they should buy ad space) where I bought a clear cake plate, and twine.  Then I picked up a simple clear vase/candle globe and a cruet (usually used for vinegar or olive oil) to hold the dish soap, and I was ready to make a little vignette of organization in my kitchen.

I wanted to dress up the plain glass to give some texture and character so I wrapped a little twine around the cake plate and the dollar store container.  It was pretty easy to do and it took the glass pieces from Plain Jane to Sassy Susie in no time.

I started by placing a dot of hot glue at the top of the stem on the cake plate. Then I pressed the twine into the glue, and waited for it to dry. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Gluing the twine in place will make wrapping it around the stem much easier, and give you an anchor which will allow you to pull the twine tightly into place.

Next I wrapped the twine around the stem like so...

As you can see in the picture about the stem on the cake plate starts to flare out some towards the bottom.  It was at this point I figured out that the twine would not stay in place from this point down because of the shape of the stand.  To fix this problem I simply cut off the twine and glued it into place with another drop of hot glue.  Then I very carefully placed the beginning of another section of twine directly next to it.  See picture below...

After gluing the next section of twine in place I wrapped it around the stem several times and then
added another drop of glue to secure it in place.  See picture below...

I repeated this process until I got to the bottom of the stand.  Then one more drop of hot glue to
finish it off and this is the end product...

The round vase was a lot easier to do I stared with a drop of glue on the bottom, then I pressed the twine into the glue (watch out for that HOT glue) and waited for it to dry.

Once the glue was dry I began wrapping the twine around the vase pulling it tight as I wrapped.

When I'd wrapped the twine a little less than half way up the container I glued the end of the section of twine in place and it was done. 

My awesome new kitchen sink area, complete with a place for everything and no yucky soap build up on the sink and counter from for bottles of dish soap!

All that was left to do was put everything in place and enjoy my new clean and organized kitchen sink area.  What are some of the areas in your kitchen that drive you crazy trying to keep them clean and organized?  Do you have a clever organizing solution for your a high traffic area of your kitchen?

Happy Crafting!